The international analytical companies fairly notice that services in Russia are in an initial stage of development. "Services", «to serve», to "do a favour" - these terms sound frequently in our speech as a sort of negative or derisive. And after all actually we always want that besides giving a service to us like a hairstyle in saloon or goods delivery etc. they also smile and tell something like «We will be glad to see you again».

   How often it happened to you when the local pediatrist, having looked the chilled child, says to you: «Now I will call, and they will bring to you all necessary medications». And you take a deep breath understanding that it is not necessary ridhtnow to call to your spouse or to send the driver to drugstores searching for preparates. "OpenSky" does not put any frameworks and restrictions on assortment of the basic and additional services for the clients. 

   Qualitative treatment is not only the expensive private clinic, comfortable wards and accompanying services. First of all it is high-class experts who treat you. And it is reasonable to know who is the best expert in concrete area of medicine.

   Just imaging the situation: the patient has been admitted to the hospital for urgent surgery. He feels bad and cannot be engaged itself in finding out what happened to him, what a doctor is going to do and whether or not he will get all necessary and the best treatment etc. And sometimes it also has no value whether it is good private clinic or city hospital on duty if the the certain actions from outside professionals are needed to put all processes under control.

It is better not to joke with health!

   In any country with a high standards of living qualitative medicine is not cheap. For example jone day of staying in usual ward in German Cardiological Centre in Berlin costs more than 1000 euros. And it is without considering investigations and surgery. It is beleived that buying medical insurance or admitting to hospital for small money we are guaranteed with qualitative treatment and comfortable conditions.

This is a mistake!

   And if you really want to be guaranteed you should not go ahead without the aid of professionals. Certainly, Russia is not Germany or US. And the prices for qualitative treatment and comfortable conditions are much cheaper, but they are still expensive. For example, staying in a hospital costs from 100 to 500 US dollars depending on clinic and ward.

Is it too expensive when we speak about health?

   Today many people can afford expensive services – fashionable expensive resorts, business- or the first class flights, sports halls, expensive training etc. It became an integral part of our life. Fortunately priorities gradually changed from the gold chains, mobile phones and Mercedeses to more civilised. And what about taking care of health? Ours health? Health of our relatives?

It is hard to say. But, probably, we are on the right way if we have read up philosophy of OpenSky.