Assistance in Russia


To Russian citizens

We will organise for you any kind of medical aid from consulting at high-quality experts to organizing treatment of a serious illness in a hospital with the subsequent rehabilitation.

We choose experts and medical institutions for you according to their competence in making a decision. The financial component is important especially in treatment of severe diseases. After a primary estimation of your case we choose the most suitable variant of the further actions together with you During treatment we always will be close to you and your relatives and will help to make a decision of any arising problems. You can always contact us at any time and we will necessarily try to help you. And if you and your family are already clients of our company we guarantee to you rendering of all spectrum of the urgent medical aid including round-the-clock consultation of the expert, first aid brigades, carrying out diagnostic actions and hospitalisation in the best clinics.

To foreign citizens

If you the citizen of the foreign state and you has faced illness or accident on the territory of the Russian Federation, we will most effectively organize process of your treatment. You will be accompanied everywhere by the doctor and the interpreter that will exclude possibility of occurrence of any problem during the course of your treatment. We will make all efforts to organize the medical evacuation of you or your relatives from territory of Russia to any point of the world by any transport. If you have appeared to be hospitalized to one of municipal clinic after accident or a disease aggravation, we will evacuate you to more comfortable medical facilities or will improve your staying at the same place. We will solve for you all bureaucratic matters which can appear if you need a prolongation of the Russian visa.

The list of ours services:

  • Consultations on choosing a clinic;
  • Consultations of leading Russian experts;
  • Diagnostic procedures and laboratory tests in the best clinics and medical centres in Moscow;
  • For nonresidents - meeting at the point of arrival, hotel reservation for accompanying persons;
  • Delivery of the patient to the hospital by any transprot;
  • Hospitalisation in the clinic chosen by you in the shortest time;
  • Individual approach to treatment with attraction of leading experts;
  • The maximum spectrum of laboratory and instrumental researches;
  • Additional arrangement of ward according to your desire (the TV, a mobile communication etc.);
  • Services to the patient (visiting, purchase of products, performance of small commissions etc.);
  • Transportation and support of the patient in other medical institutions of Moscow, carrying out additional researches if needed;
  • The whole control over the treatment;
  • Information transfer about the given treatment at the first request of the patient by phone, fax or e-mail;
  • Delivery of the patients to their homes (or station for nonresident);
  • Round-the-clock support of clients (Call-centre);
  • Medical evacuation;
  • Support during transportation;
  • Nursery;
  • Expertising the quality of medical services;
  • Round-the-clock hospitalisation ;
  • Sending a doctor to your home;
  • All kinds of analyses at home;
  • The organisation of sanatorium treatment.


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